Frequently Asked Questions (CNG Related)

Frequently Asked Questions regarding CNG And I can try solve all query about CNG

CNG – Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

1.       Is CNG pump profitable?

Ans. CNG fuel is 35-47% more profitable for us. While customers are mostly familiar with any type of car, heavy luggage travelers who are looking to travel long distance km specifically ask for petrol or diesel cabs. Overall, CNG has helped us to increase our profits a lot.

2.    How many kms can run on 1kg CNG?

Ans.  The average petrol or diesel car ranges from 15 to 17 km/liter. Whereas the average mileage CNG cars provide is around 27 km/kg to 30 km/kg

3.  Is CNG better than petrol?

Ans.  It leaves much less residue when compared to petrol. CNG combustion doesn’t emit particulate matter like petrol or diesel. This results in less damage to the pipes and tubes of the engine while, on the other hand, increasing the lifespan of the engine.

4.  What is the best time to fill CNG?

Ans.  Fuel’s dense when cold so when you fill up in the mornings, the fuel has been cool for 7-8 hours. Even in case of CNG (compressed natural gas) you would get better pressure of the fuel with Online CNG Pump.

5.  How many km can a car run on CNG full tank?

Ans.  CNG capacity 8 KG , in highway it will go 150-160 KM . and in city it goes 105-130 km.

6.  What if CNG tank is empty?

Ans.  If the CNG car runs out of gas, it will automatically switch to petrol , provided you have enough petrol in the fuel tank. You need not even stop the car, and it will automatically switch to petrol fuel while driving.

7.  Can a car run on both petrol and CNG?

Ans.  Every CNG car that you see on the road is a bi-fuel vehicle. You can run your vehicle on either petrol or CNG depending upon your needs. We mean that you can let the engine run on petrol whenever required and use the CNG.

8.  Do CNG cars need more maintenance?

Ans.  A CNG car requires a little extra care than your petrol car and has a high maintenance cost. However, the high maintenance cost is balanced with the super mileage it gives if you use it to drive long distances. Price less then Petrol.

9.  How much CNG required for 1500 km?

Ans.  To run 1,500 km, the petrol-powered Car would require about 66.9 litres of fuel, while the Car CNG would take about 47.1 kg of CNG. (Approx.)

10.  What is the cost of 1kg CNG in India?

Ans.  CNG Price in Mumbai Today Rs. 89.50/Kg (8 January 2023) it change time to time.